Flying to Johannesburg (South Africa) is the fastest and most recomendable option. From there, there are flights to Maun by Botswana Airlines on a daily basis. Once the customs paperwork at Maun airport is carried out (a very quick and easy procedure in Botswana) there is just a 90 minute roadtrip to the property. - Upon customer request the trip can also be made by light aircraft -.
No visa is needed.
Consejos Médicos
The property is a malaria-free area, so in theory no vaccines are needed, although customers may check with their local health department. Since the days are very sunny and hot we recommend the use of sun screen.
In order to be able to taking care of all the diverse needs, customers are kindly requested to let us know ahead of time when having food allergies.
While the temperatures during the day tend to be warm all year long, the dusk and the nightfall are nonetheless chillier, especially in May and August; therefore we recommend to bring light warm clothes - like t-shirt, sweater and a jacket, as well as gloves, a hat and shades -.
Although by a simple matter of familiarity we recommend the customers to bring along their own rifle, we have different calibers rifles to rent if needed. Botswana is an easy destination to import a rifle. You need to advise us of your rifle details and when you arrive your permit will be ready at your por of entry.