Photo and video Safari

Among the most important and almost unique things you can find in Bokamoso are the Kalahari black maned lions, the cheetah, the African wild dogs (lycaon) and the brown hyena, all these protected species live in this territory. It is also feasible to come across some giraffes or the tiny weird springshare.

The property offers the chance to hunt the several different species that live within the private territory. There is a chance as well to benefit from the expertese of the professional and experienced hunt guides, and also from the exclusive Bushmen trackers, whose work will never be forgotten by whoever enjoys such experience.

The Bushmen are the indigenous people of the Kalahari. They are people of low height and pale skin. They are the oldest inhabitants in the area and never got mixed with any other population, so they keep preserving their ancestral customs and traditions. The traditional hunting style utilizes lances and bows and their excepcional ability to keep track of the animals.


BOKAMOSO is set up to carry out bow hunting safaris, an old yet up and coming mode of hunting.

Some good sandgrouse, turtledove and guinea fowl shooting can also be enjoyed.

The highly experienced team at Bokamoso can also give excellent advise on elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard safaris in Botswana, or in the neighboring country, Zimbabwe and also sable safaris.