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Quienes Somos
BOKAMOSO In Setswana (the indigenous language), BOKAMOSO means “THE FUTURE”. It is also the name of the biggest private property in Botswana (60.000 hectare), under a boundary devoted exclusively to the management and preservation of the wildlife species in Kalahari. It is a territory run with a forward-looking approach, and the aim of preserving and improving the populations of cynegetic species that live in the area, thus obtaining better hunting trophies every year along with a perfect integration into the natural environment.

BOKAMOSO is located on the far northwest area of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. bordering it along 48 km. It is about 150 km drive from the town of Maunand half an hour by light aircraft from the famous Okavango Deltaan out-of-this-world region where amazing especimens of elephants, hippopotamuses and buffalos, as well as an incomparable ornithological fauna coexist.

The Kalahari is considered a desert, since it has a sandy soil and lacks rivers and lakes, although there are frequent rainfalls (around 400-450 mm yearly) which provide enough pastures to feed a big population of herbivores and to mantain the dream-like vegetation and forest. .

To get to Bokamoso we recommend flying directly to Johannesburg, and from there to take any of the daily Botswana Airways’ flights to the town of Maun. You will arrive to the property after a 90 min drive. If fancied, a light aircraft can be used for such purpose since the property has its own runway.

Mapa de Bokamoso

A country with an area of 582.000 km2, independent from 1966, Botswana is home to around a million and a half people. Such small population allows preserving vast areas of virgin nature that remain unexploited by mankind. One of these 'natural paradises' is Bokamoso itself.

Botswana is located in south central Africa, its boundaries are South Africa (south), Namibia (north and west), and Zimbabwe (northeast and east). The country has two geographic areas set perfectly apart: in the north, the flooded territories of the Okavango Delta, in the center and south the Kalahari desert spread all over the country.

It is a democracy with an exceptional social, political and financial stability, one of the countries with the lowest rate of corruption in the world.